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Age Requirements

The child must be 2 years old to enter St. Anthony Preschool.



We utilize a multi-faceted approach based upon theories of development in young children. Our approach encompasses a combination of curriculum including:

  • High Scope
  • Projected Based
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Creative Curriculum

The activities offered each day are designed to expand your child's social skills, introduce religion, and stimulate creative potential. Examples of daily curriculum are posted.

St Anthony Preschool's program is designed to develop early literacy skills with age-appropriate activities that will ready your child for school success.

The curriculum includes learning concepts that are individualized as a way of meeting the developmental needs of each child. The curriculum is planned and developed providing interactive and age appropriate activities. Learning activities integrate opportunities for cultural awareness, health and safety, socio-emotional growth, and nutrition. Teachers plan experiences so that children can learn in a large group, small groups, and individually on a daily basis.

Tuition Policy

Tuition is to be paid in advance. The Preschool is supported entirely by tuition; therefore, it is necessary that funds be on hand to operate. The school is a non-profit organization and costs continue regardless of absences or holidays, illnesses, or personal reasons. Classes are planned and staffed according to enrollment.

Tuition rates are based on a whole school year and then divided equally per month.

Students must attend and adhere to scheduled days per the contract. When a special event is scheduled on a day that the child does not attend, parents may bring the child only for the specific time of the event.

For extended illnesses over three weeks, credit may be arranged with a note from the child's doctor.

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and delinquent after the 15th. A late charge of $15.00 per month will be assessed any time tuition is paid after the 15th of each month. All tuition will be paid through FACTS Financial Management System.

Should you fail to fulfill the tuition obligation you will be asked to remove your child from the preschool, and the financial obligation will be reported to a collection agency.

If you need to change your child's days of attendance, complete the required form and turn it to the preschool director, Johanna Oliva.

Tuition Plans Available

12:15pm pick-up2:45pm pick-up
3 days$441/month$483/month
4 days$550/month$609/month
5 days$720/month$734/month

Annual Registration fee is $140.00 per child. The registration fee is non-refundable.

 15% Rate Discount for 2 or more students from the same family.

 No Refunds for days absent or holidays.

 Late Pick-up – A late pick-up fee of $10.00.

 Students will wear uniform of navy pants, shorts, skorts, and ash grey polo shirt.


Preschool Application

Preschool Handbook